Sea Salt & Food

Crab party in our boathouse in Løvika, Gossen. We set the crab pots just a few hundred meters out from here.


We love making it, we love eating it, and we love to enjoy a good meal with friends and family. We believe this love for everything that has to do with food and good ingredients is the key to making a great sea salt.

Salt, by its very nature, is the foundation of each and every dish you make, sweet to savoury, and all foods can benefit from judicial use of gourmet salts. Whenever possible choose salts for your kitchen that has been made without the addition of additives and anti-clumping agents. Here are some simple guidelines for the best ways to use our different types of salt:
HAVSNØ Sea Salt Flakes, SJØSTEIN Coarse Sea Salt, KRÅKEBOLLE Fine Sea Salt

Lamb med Havsnø Flaksalt, havsalt, bakt sakte over bål, sea salt flakes, lamb roast over fire pit, Meersalzflocken

Preparing half a lamb and roasting it slowly over the fire pit.

Clean, cold and mineral-rich seawater is the only ingredient in our sea salt. Add a relentless hunt for the perfect taste and the most beautiful flakes. Salt flakes that delicately break apart between your fingers to gently fall over your dish boosting the flavor of its ingredients and amplifying your enjoyment of the meal. That combination of the perfect sea and total dedication to quality is what gives the salt its character, its taste profile, its personality.

Salmon roasting on hot coals with Havsnø sea salt flakes, havsalt, flaksalt, Meersalzflocken

We are very lucky to be surrounded by good food and we like to eat local foods when possible. That is good for us and good for the environment.

A whole fish, as shown here from a recent dinner with friends, we prefer to cook over hot, burning coals. We are not afraid if the skin gets burned crisp as long as the fish stays juicy inside. This salmon we stuffed with dill, chives, red onion, lemon, black pepper and Havsnø.

Havsnø, Flaksalt, Meersalzflocken, sea salt flakes

Salmon tartar and potato chips made with Hansnø sea salt flakes. Click here for our recipe for Nordic Salmon Tartare.

Laksetartar servert med Sørlandschips laget av nypoteter og Havsnø.

Roasted pumpkin seeds with Havsnø sea salt flakes.

Hamburger on focaccia bread sprinkled with Havsnø sea salt flakes. The ketchup is home made too. Click here for our recipe for Hamburgers on Focaccia Buns with Home Made Ketchup.

Pumpkin pie.

Breakfast is served.

Fish and chips made with cod caught off the island and local potatoes. Click here to try our recipe for Home Made Fish and Chips.

Goat with mushrooms and Havsnø sea salt flakes, Geit med rødvinssaus og sopp, Havsnø flaksalt, havsalt, flakesalt, sea salt flakes, Meersalzflocken

Goat from a farm on the mainland served with a red wine reduction and mushrooms picked by a friend in Setesdalen.