Coarse Sea Salt Grinder Salt
Sjøstein grovt havsalt, knernsalt, coarse sea salt, grobkörniges Meersalz

Coarse Sea Salt

Coarse sea salt is great for use in building a flavour profile in whatever dish you are making. The appeal of Sjøstein is clear. Use several generous pinches in the boiling water for potatoes, pasta or a soup stock. When prepping food for a barbecue, rub on each side of your meat five minutes before, shake off excess salt and grill to your desired level of doneness. Then finish the dishes with a delicate sprinkle of Havsnø for the ultimate in distinctive flavour and texture.

The coarse crunchy bits that compose our Sjøstein coarse sea salt makes it ideal for use in a grinder.

Lamb med Havsnø Flaksalt, havsalt, bakt sakte over bål, sea salt flakes, lamb roast over fire pit, Meersalzflocken