Flake Salt

Flake Salt

Flake salt is often called finishing salt, a name that directly points to the most common use of flake salt. Finishing is the process of salting the food after cooking and before it goes on the table. The purpose is to spread fine crystals of sea salt on the food to accentuate and enhance the flavours of the dish. We are proud that several of the best chefs in the world has our flake salt, Havsnø, at their Mise en place.

Havsnø sea salt flakes from norway


Havsnø, Snow of the Sea, we call our flake salt. Havsnø has a soft crispy texture that is beautiful when used to compliment a finished dish. Gently crumble or scatter the flakes on lightly dressed green salads, raw or freshly grilled vegetables, fish and other seafoods. Our absolute favourite way to enjoy Havsnø is sprinkled on boiled new potatoes with butter or good olive oil and nothing else.

Havsnø Flake Salt comes in the following package options:

175g/6.2oz bags (retail)

750g/26.5oz (restaurants)

4kg/8.8lb sacks (restaurants)

Scallops grilled on hot stone sprinkled with Havsnø flake salt. Kamskjell grillet med dryss av Havsnø flaksalt.